Stacey Vetter
Stacey Vetter   The seemingly endless variety of shape, texture and color found in plant forms is something I return to again and again as a source for my work. Led by simple forms and a minimal palette, a drawing starts with direct observation of a plant, looking and drawing until a shape emerges that feels just right. The way pigment and water flow on paper is another vital element of my process; I am searching for the balance between control and accident. Instead of a literal representation of nature, my work aims to convey the essence or mood of a botanical specimen. Pushing this notion a step further, my most recent body of work, Umbra, is an investigation of shadow. Present and absent at the same time, shadow has a presence, but no solid matter. With humble scale and the most basic of means, I am interested in the challenge of resisting all but what is essential to creating an evocative presence.

Studying art on both the east and west coasts, I earned my BFA from the Boston Museum School/Tufts and my MFA from the University of California, Davis. I have exhibited at the Prince Street Gallery (NYC), Crocker Museum, Santa Rosa Museum of Art, Kirkland Art Center (Kirkland WA), Richard L. Nelson Gallery (UC Davis) and University of Nevada (Reno). My work is represented locally by Jay Jay Gallery in Sacramento. Currently, I am the program manager at Davis Arts Center and have taught drawing and painting classes there since 2010.
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